MAX BUILT Always works with the homeowner to make sure we have answered high-level questions regarding the project.

Being one of them like": why is this solution important?,"

"what is the business value?"  and "what are we going to deliver?"

In the Design Phase, you start to ask the "how" questions, the biggest one being, "how will we build this solution?"

At this point, the project team will have a complete set of requirements to work from, a set of direction-setting strategies and a Conceptual Design.

The design process comes next. Even if the project was small and the requirements were simple, there is still a mental design process that occurs in between understanding the requirements and starting construction.


In any project, you are likely to encounter five distinct stages of remodeling:

Planning, budgeting, demolition, construction, and cleanup.

With the choices we make at each stage, we'll keep your project  on time, and on budget.

Maximize your investment by selecting the perfect materials and details to enhance your home's value and character and make a lasting impact on how your home feels and functions.

A roof is one of the most important elements of any home. The roof not only blocks the interior from the harsh effects of mother nature, but it also comprises a hefty portion of a home's visible exterior. Whether you're building a new home or remodeling an older one, we'll help you choose the right style of roof for your house.  

Choosing the right siding color and materials for your home is an important first step toward increasing its curb appeal and value. Finding the perfect siding to complement your home and personal choice is our priority. We will make sure the right siding material, style and color complements the ins and outs of your home giving the best result forward.


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